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Shooting Your Shot and The Power of Relationships: #LTTI E2 Recap

This is a recap of Episode 2 of Let's Try This Instead, a podcast hosted by yours truly.

In this episode I talk about how a cold email led me to not one but TWO partnerships with major brands, why being aggressive is o.k., how to make the most out of your existing network, and the benefits of cultivating relationships in your career.

Before you can shoot your shot, you have to be prepared!

I discussed how you can give your resume a 5 minute clean up and get your materials in order to get the results that you want in your search

What are the Resume Don'ts

  • Don't keep the same template you've had since college (seriously throw it away!)

  • Don't use Times New Roman- find a more sophisticated font :)

  • Don't bury your skills/qualifications- make it easy for the recruiter to find them

  • Don't list more than your last 3-5 positions- RELEVANCY

  • Don't make it more than one page- cut the fluff

  • Don't use poor language to describe your experience, quality counts!

What are the Resume To Do's

  • DO find a font, color, and format that represents your professional brand

  • DO move your skills to the top of your resume or have them clearly sectioned off (in the example above, they're listed as "specializations")

  • DO create a passion purpose statement that sums up who you are as a professional, below is a good example

  • DO list your most relevant experience

  • DO answer the questions - what, why, how, and what was the result- when describing your experience. below is a good example


After you get your materials together, now it's time to reach out to your network!

Who Should I be talking to?

Reach out to former bosses and colleagues to see where they've landed! Don't just reach out to new people, spend time revising the folks that have helped you in the past. Make sure to ask them about other people in their network that may be helpful- second degree connections go a long way.

What About Alumni Networks?

Contacting alumni from you former college/university or even an alternative (like a bootcamp) is always a good idea. They are more likely to be welcoming and open to sharing feedback!

What About Rejection?

Don't let fear run your life! As long as you don't reach out, the answer is always no. You increase your chances of getting to the yes by consistently shooting your shot regardless of the rejection you may experience along the way.


Know someone actively job hunting? Please share this post with them and a link to the podcast!

Until next time ~

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