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Avoiding The Black Hole: #LTTI E1Recap

This is a recap of Episode1 of Let's Try This Instead, a podcast hosted by yours truly.

If you’ve ever had a job search that sucked today’s episode is for you! Maybe you’re in the midst of one right now and don’t know what to do next. From getting ghosted to getting canned rejection emails, job searches are never easy, and usually come with lots of rejection, confusion, and even depression. My goal is that these strategies should help you gain the visibility you need so you don’t get lost and waste months of your time trying to find your next job.

What Is the Black Hole?

The black hole is every companies ATS (applicant tracking system). ATS's are used to house all of the applications that a company receives for the job openings they have available. Since ATS's have so many applications and data, it is often seen as a black hole.

Why Does It Exist?

The fundamental purpose of an ATS is to help companies keep track of the people applying for their jobs. Unfortunately the volume problem has made it difficult for them to get a good sense of who's actually in their pipeline. This is why if you've ever been ghosted after applying, it's most likely because someone never reviewed your application to begin with.

What Are Recruiters Dealing With?

Recruiters are in high pressure roles, where they are expected to actively close as many positions as possible. Time constraints make it hard for them to screen and get through everyone that applies, which is why they send so many canned rejection emails! They often pattern match and rely on referrals to make their lives easier as well.

How Do I Get Ahead?

Getting targeted in your search is one of the first ways. Don't mass apply for jobs- instead find 10 or so companies you really want to work for, research them, conduct informational interviews with people that work there, and create thoughtful applications for each one. Also spend time thinking about what your 5-10 year plan is- it will help you better decide what you should be doing in the short term.

When Should I Apply?

The best times to apply for jobs are when recruiters are actively sourcing! I suggest M-Th mornings, with avoiding nights and weekends all together. You should also be on the lookout for when companies receive funding, if a merger or acquisition is in place, seasonally (IE don't apply during holidays/summer time) and be encouraged to do opportunistic sends as well!

What Else Should I Know?

No application is complete until you follow up! Make sure you're taking time to track down recruiters/hiring mangers for each role you apply to. Also actively look for referrals and try to show off your skills whenever possible. Remember, you HAVE to tell the story you want the recruiter to hear- don't let them judge you for the wrong things.

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Until next time ~

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