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Do These 5 Things Every Morning: The Routine that Made Me Happier, Healthier, and More Productive in

It's 7:00 a.m. and you've accomplished 65% of what you needed to for the day.

How is that possible?


O.k. so I love sleep, like really really love sleep- almost more than wine, chocolate, and anything on Bravo.

BUT, sleep is kind of paralyzing.

I became tired (no pun intended) of always feeling rushed, racing against the clock, and having a to-do list that spanned longer than my "done" list. I finally realized that waking up early is the only cheat code to get around of not having enough time!

For the past month I've challenged myself with waking up at 5 a.m. (sometimes 5:15) to see if it made a difference in my productivity. No surprise, I've gotten A LOT of shit done by forcing myself to change my habits. I'm happier, have more energy, and can finally get to Inbox 0 every single day (Voila!)

Theres a reason why celebrities, tech elites, and public figures all have the same morning routine. It works!

Here's what to do:

1. Give Yourself a Reason To Not Hit Snooze (You're going to need one)

Few things are more appreciated in the morning than getting 5 extra minutes of sleep. If you're anything like me, you're a habitual Snooze hitter. The intended 5 minutes becomes 10, then 15, and before you know it you're running behind (how did that happen?) As an entrepreneur who's mostly working all the time, it was hard for me to find a reason to wake up at 5 a.m. I'm already working double the hours that I used to and felt like I deserved to sleep in while everyone else was doing their morning commute. (I mean that's one of the many reasons I quit my job in the first place). But no matter if you're pulling double shifts, going to school, or taking a sabbatical- the only guaranteed way to make your life more meaningful and productive is by getting up early! The reason I gave myself for getting up is quite simple- I'm not a millionaire yet. When you contemplate how many wealthy individuals get up at God forsaken hours to continue to hold down their rank in the top 10%, it forces you to rethink how you start your day. You'll never be able to get to the next level of wherever you want to be if you aren't willing to sacrifice and make changes. Come up with 3 reasons to push you to get out of bed a bit earlier- it will give you the motivation you need on days you don't want to.

2. Give Thanks/Meditate

Your reality is a direct reflection of your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions. Too often we spend more time complaining about what we don't have or what has gone wrong than manifesting what we want to see in our lives. If you are constantly thinking negatively or giving off bad energy, you're increasing your chances of experiencing what you don't want. Taking the time to train your mind to think positively is definitely not easy- but something as basic as saying a few affirmations every morning is enough to start seeing some drastic changes. I listen to a guided meditation every a.m. and have a journal where I write down things I'm grateful for every night. It has had a huge impact on my perception about what's going on in my life and made me more tolerant & loving towards others. Once you realize that none of us have the answers, and only YOU have tcontrol to steer your life in the direction you want- it does wonders for how you see other people. I challenge you to find 5-10 things to give thanks for everyday (things you have/things you want) and see how it makes a difference over time. Stop being a negative Nancy and reclaim your power!

(Check out Shine text for inspo and this Youtube video that I listen to daily)


You'll never get the beach body you want by doing more brunching than exercising (if only someone told me this years ago). I actually don't have an issue hitting the gym or a class (my absolute FAVORITE is SoulCycle- GO if you haven't already), the real challenge was doing it first thing in the morning. Women typically have it harder than men in a lot of areas but exercise is definitely one of them. Sweating for 45 minutes to only then have to make your hair, makeup, and outfit look flawless afterward is damn near impossible- but it IS possible. By getting my workout done first thing in the a.m. (usually 5:30-6:30) I have my whole morning open to take care of other priorities! Consistent exercise has a ton of benefits and will not only get you perfect abs but also one step closer to the millionaire's club.

(I highly recommend the Nike Training App for days you don't want to go anywhere, and this workout plan by Shape!)

4.Read Something (Other than Social Media)

One of the biggest changes I made to my routine was meditating and reading BEFORE going on Twitter/IG or any other site. In the old days (which weren't that long ago) I would wake up and immediately check my email and timeline to see what I should care about for the day. Now I determine what I want to care about first, and then proceed with my schedule. This is a life changer as we have a generation of people suffering from depression because of social media. People are so caught up in the lives of others (which aren't completely accurate) that they forget to be truly appreciative of their own. In addition to feeling FOMO, anxiety and other icky emotions, social media is rarely packed with information that is useful. The millionaire's club reads- A LOT. Pick a book that will either help you professionally or give you an escape from your personal life. My goal for the year is 60 books! Hello fab vocab- and better conversations.

(If you absolutely need to know what's happening in the world read The Skimm- a great balance of news with a social flare)

5.Eat Breakfast

It seems like as a kid breakfast was always a part of getting ready in the mornings but as you get older if you can make it to noon with just a cup of coffee and not cussing someone out it's a miracle. Balanced breakfasts with eggs, protein, and fruit have been replaced with bagels/pastries to cure the hangover from the night before- or even worse, nothing at all. Skipping out on the most important meal of the day makes you hungrier, your metabolism slower (hello fat), and is definitely not a part of having a healthy lifestyle. With my old routine making breakfast was never an option but now it's one of my favorite parts of the day! Grab a fork and peep some of my favorite recipes below:


Ready for a life change??

Try out the routine and tell me how it goes!!!!!!

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